Roisin The Robin

Tiny Tots 2-3 Years

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Meet Roisin The Robin !

In this programme ‘Roisin The Robin’ will bring children on an adventure of discovery through MUSIC· SONGS· GAMES· PUPPETS· ARTS AND CRAFT· PARENT DISCUSSION TIME – this will be an opportunity for the SLT to give tips and hints on developing early language skills.

We work using fun techniques to help foster communication and interaction skills in young children, such as ATTENTION· LISTENING· DEVELOPING VOCABULARY· PLAY.

Ollie The Owl

Pre-Schoolers 3-5 Years

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Meet Ollie The Owl !

The preschool programme brought by ‘Ollie The Owl’ aims to strengthen and develop listening, oral language and phonological skills.

The programme is designed to encourage children to work together in pairs and groups.

It will thus develop greater ability to communicate, interact and negotiate with peers.

Fionnuala The Frog

Juniors 5-7 Years

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Meet Fionnuala The Frog !

The programme for Junior Infants -children aged 5-7- brought by ‘Fionnuala The Frog’ is different to the pre-school programme.

The preschool programme places a stronger emphasis on listening skills, and working together.

The junior infants programme, while still working on listening and working together, focuses on narrative and phonological skills more.

Oral Language Development

The programme aims to establish atmosphere that encourages talking and discussion. Children will be encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and interests, which will extend conversation and focusing on strengthening skills such as negotiating, describing, offering ideas, advice and suggestions. We also aim to build language used to describe feelings and emotions.

 Listening Time

We aim to work on attention and listening skills in a fun and interactive manner. Listening is key to all effective communication and an important building block for a range of skills.

Rhyme Time

During the tiny Tots program, children are encouraged to engage in music & songs and are exposed to early rhymes. In the preschool and juniors program, children engage in fun activities that help to develop their phonological skills.

Story Time

Books are an important part of the program. Stories and books help to foster listening and oral language development.

In the tiny tots program we have a variety of books and stories to help develop a range of communication skills (such as listening, building vocabulary, turn taking).

For the older children we aim to help develop their own ability to engage in story-telling tasks – Establish who are the characters in the stories – Describe Pictures – Describe Actions – Expand Vocabulary – Discuss about what can happen next – Talk about how characters feel – Practice taking Turns.

Social & Play Skills

We encourage play and social communication throughout the program including the following skills:

Making Choices – Listening to Others – Taking turns in Games – Parallel, Cooperative and Pretend Play.

We encourage children to help each other during the activities and play as well as the parents and staff members. By encouraging children to help each other during the activities & play, we are helping them to build their social skills.