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Chatterboxes Programmes  is ideal for  School and Pre-School settings, where Children and Staff can benefit from them.

The programme is designed to give Children a boost no matter where they are with their language Skills.

Previous programmes we have used were structured to the individual schools needs for example:

  • Parent Workshop – Introduction to our program and what their children will work on .
  • 6 Week for Children on the program
  • Wk 3 we offer parents a workshop to give them tips to work on at home as therapist will have a good idea of what are the things the children are finding most difficult half way through the program.
  • WK 7 Parent Workshop- To get feedback on how Parent introduced some of the activities and how effective they found them.  Also to get an idea of how their child has improved with their language skills after the 6 wks.

Throughout the programme all parents are kept up to date with emails to remind them of our useful tips and strategies.

We can tailor the programme to include Teacher/Staff training as well as Parent workshops which work really well when everyone is on board with the programme. We keep parent informed of what the children are doing in the programme and helpful tips for at home to continue developing language and communication at home.

We have 3 different Age Group Activity Programmes to suit all Children, both Pre-School and After School.

Our Team will be happy to bring Chatterboxes to fit in with your schedule! Contact us today to discuss options and availability!

Cost from 6.50 per child only!

Contact us to learn how we can bring Chatterboxes to your Preschool/School.