Today was our 2nd visit out to Schoil Mhuire and all of the children were wonderful little Chatterboxes again today! They really enjoy working with Chip. We did lots of fun things today, but here are some of the activities that can be done at home too! Talk to you child about their time in Chatterboxes and what they did today, and if they had fun! Today we did lots of listening and practised big and small as well as prepositions such as on/under/in front/behind/next to. We also practised asking questions to guess a picture. The children each took a turn to tell Karen and Chip the “Goldilocks and the three little bears’ story.


Home activities

“Simon says” was a hit again today and is a great game to play to help your child build on their listening skills. Remember to use objects as actions.


Sometimes words such as on/under/in front/behind can be a little tricky. Throughout the day ask your child to help you tidy-up by placing things “on the shelf/table/worktop”, “under the bed/chair/stairs/sink”, in front of the door/kettle/teddy” etc. Also talk about where things are (for example “look the teddy is hiding behind the chair” etc.


Books are a great way to engage with your child and help build language skills. When reading with your child, stress and repeat the key parts of the story such as ‘who’ is in the story (characters), what happens at the beginning, the middle and the end and how the character feels. Stories and books that are repetitive are good to help children remember these aspects. Once you have read or told a story to your child, see if they can re-tell the story remembering all the main ideas. Encourage your child to tell the story in the correct order by say things like “what happened first” , “what did he do next” and “what happened at the end”. We are going to talk about telling stories in more detail in our next parent session.

Chatterboxes Team.