Chatterboxes was established in July of 2015 by the Speech Therapist and the Clinic Directors of Adult & Child Therapy Center – Doreen Kelly – and the Senior Child Psychologist at Adult and Child Therapy Center – Dr Clare Brady.

Our Team got the idea for a Language Programme from our passion for promoting language development, expanding parents knowledge of communication development and for creating links within the community.

Chatterboxes Language Programme is aimed at typical developing children in a setting that is fun and informative to parents and teachers.  We believe in creating strong links between parents, pre-school and teachers. We want everyone on board with promoting language in a positive and fun way, in order for children to gain confidence, interest in reading and an overall love for language.

Chatterboxes is an engaging Programme and we are sure that both, Parents and Children will simply love it!!!

|Funny Fact: The name CHATTERBOXES was chosen by Doreen Kelly after her own experience with her little boy, Jack, who never stops talking: “In Chatterboxes we want all the children to be Chatterboxes”.|