Welcome to ChatterBoxes

Chatterboxes is a fun and interactive program to help foster language, play and support early literacy skills. There are three different Programmes presented by three different characters – Roisin The Robin, Ollie The Owl and Fionnuala The Frog –  and aim to help children express themselves creatively and gain a greater understanding of the world through language.

Chatterboxes is organised and delivered by  Speech and Language Therapist from our team . During the Programme, Parents, Childcare Staff and Teachers will gain a great understanding of child development.

What We Aim

To develop and foster understanding/comprehension through activities and games, as well as develop oral language skills in a structured and fun environment. The program aims to establish an atmosphere that encourages talk and discussion, and allows children to listen carefully to each other’s contributions, ideas and interests to extend conversations.

Chatterboxes focus on strengthening oral language skills such as negotiating, describing, offering ideas, advice and suggestions. We also aim to give children the language skills used to describe feeling and emotions: story time and narrative development, re-telling events/stories, sequencing games, answering questions, as well as development of vocabulary through learning about the world – myself, my family, my friends and my home.

The Play and interaction skills, such as parallel play, cooperate and pretend play, encourage children to help each other during the activities, as they share skills and knowledge with each other.

What we do

A Chatterboxes Session Program is run for 60 minutes over a 6 week block. Each block is different and focuses on new aspects of language. All activities are based on natural seasonal changes (i.e. Spring, Summer) as well as holidays (i.e. Easter, Christmas).

Chatterboxes Programmes run in Pre-School and School settings, where both, children and childcare staff can benefit from them. We have 3 different Programmes to suit children of all ages.

Contact us to learn how we can bring Chatterboxes to your Preschool/School.


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